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Perfect monitor calibration - Perfect color management

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A perfectly calibrated monitor ensures that your images are correctly displayed

Get more out of your monitor!

Only a calibrated monitor can guarantee that your images are correctly displayed. With globellColor, you can set up your monitor professionally in just a few simple steps. You can make any device better, and your work easier and more efficient, with accurate colors, brightness and contrast.

globellColor – the next generation of monitor calibration

When developing our software and hardware, we focused on making it as easy to use as possible without more experienced users having to miss out on extra features and functionality. The software guides you effortlessly and efficiently through the calibration, while installing and using the colorimeter is easier than ever before.

For everybody

With globellColor, videographers, gamers, movie buffs and anyone else who uses a monitor can enjoy true color completely hassle-free. Even day-to-day office tasks are easier with a correctly configured monitor. So protect your eyes and stay healthy.

For creatives and designers

Thanks to globellColor, creatives can concentrate fully on their ideas and know that they are always working with properly configured technology. Whether you are creating designs for clients or for your own prints, with globellColor you can rest assured that your colors are always accurate.

For professionals

Professional users and service providers can avoid time-consuming correction loops and thus save money by using a calibrated display device. The fact that globellColor is so easy to operate as a standing unit also makes it highly convenient for regular use.

For photographers

A calibrated display device that displays the correct colors is the basis of all digital post-production work. When it comes to printing and presenting your images, you can avoid a lot of frustration by using a properly calibrated device. globellColor is the perfect solution, and indispensable for any photographer.

globellColor - Monitor Calibration

Accurate and easy to use – color management made in Germany

The interplay between our powerful hardware and sophisticated software makes globellColor one of the most precise, easy-to-use products in its price range. You can calibrate your monitor with globellColor in minutes, in just three simple steps.

No compromises

No compromises were made in the development of globellColor. The result is an easy-to-use color management tool that meets the highest technical standards whilst still remaining affordable. Display your colors better on any screen with globellColor – without fuss or hassle.

High-quality glass optics

Our two-lens system was developed in collaboration with the lens specialists at Meyer-Optik Görlitz, and guarantees maximum, unrestricted light absorption during the measurement process. The lens thus enables the sensor to collect all data with the greatest possible accuracy.

Robust glass filters

We achieve the best calibration results thanks to a combination of precision optics and our high-performance sensor. Our glass filters ensure consistent calibration which is not affected by age-related fluctuations.

Unique, patented operating concept

With globellColor, the sensor does not get in the way because it is not suspended above the monitor. Thanks to our patented solution for connecting the sensor to the display, you can analyze colors on your monitor more easily than ever before. Position globellColor on your monitor using the gooseneck attachment, and connect the sensor to the computer via USB.